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"Студенты пошли на выставку тогда же, когда и я."

Translation:The students went to the exhibition at the same time as I did.

December 2, 2015



I am russian, and this is hard to hear "и" in the end. Almost impossible.


Is "did" necessarily here?


No, it can be omitted


How do you say, "exhibit" (vs. exhibition) in Russian?


What do you mean by "exhibit", a museum artifact? It will be "экспонат".


Thanks, but I was looking for a synonym for exhibition that was less grand. In American English we do use exihibit for what would be translated as выставка in Russian. If I get this again I'll report it. Here are some examples of how we would use exhibit which would be synonymous with выставка, but as I mentioned, less grand. The context of the Russian sentence isn't clear. The students could be going to a science fair exhibit or an exhibit of local pottery at the local library. http://www.ed.gov/student-art-exhibit http://www.azfamily.com/story/30640053/new-art-exhibit-features-creations-made-with-various-materials This Wikipedia article specifies that exhibit and exhibition are synonymous in American English only. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_exhibition


A science fair exhibit will be most likely named выставка.

An exhibit of local pottery may be called either выставка or экспозиция.


As an example, a collection of paintings by a painter that is shown at an art museum, would be a "выставка". I'd naturally use "exhibit" rather than "exhibition" for that in English, but more formally you might use "exhibition" (most museum websites use "exhibition".) The usage of "exhibit" is also possibly an American thing.

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It's the same. I added it to our translations (thankfully, we do not have that many sentences with выставка).


Выставка is used for "expo" too


What is the purpose of "и" here?

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