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  5. "Vanno allo zoo dopo pranzo."

"Vanno allo zoo dopo pranzo."

Translation:They go to the zoo after lunch.

December 1, 2013



If there was ever a language so perfect for rhyming.


The audio is horrid. To me it sounded like "l'hanno allo do dopo pranzo."


Think of Harry Potter?


Vanno is mispronounced as zanno .Zoo is mispronounced as doh.Is there anybody out there who agrees?


Shouldn't it be 'dallo zoo' here instead of 'allo zoo'. It states 'they are going towards something' after all. The correct usage of 'to the' is quite confusing in Duolingo. Any help on this... Please?


"dallo zoo" means "from the zoo". You can only use "da" meaning towards something in expressions like "vado dal dottore", "vado da Giulia", "vado dallo psicologo".


Obviously 'after lunch' is better, but is there any grammatical reason the translation couldn't be 'they go to the zoo after I eat lunch'?


For that you would need something like «Vanno allo zoo dopo che mangio il pranzo.» or «Vanno allo zoo dopo aver pranzato.» ("They go to the zoo after having eaten lunch."). If you want to express that "I" is doing the eating of the lunch, you at least need a «che» between «dopo» and «pranzo».


why is this not pranzano?


Because, in this sentence, pranzo is a noun, not a verb. The sentence is not specifying anyone doing the action of eating lunch. If you want "They go to the zoo after they eat lunch," then you would need «Vanno allo zoo dopo che pranzano.» See my first comment on this thread.


could it be this way? "they go at the zoo after lunch".


"at the zoo" means to be already there.

"to the zoo" implies movement towards something, which you have to use with a verb of movement such as "to go".

(Unlike in French, which might be your language :-))


I said it exactly as the audio still marked me wrong dont understand why


Come on people "Zoo" even in casual Italian has to be pronounced so humans can discern it from "do".


Please, please... fix the Zoo in these recordings.


I keep making the same mistake: writing "a lo" and "a la" instead of "allo" and "alla". Is this ever acceptable or always wrong?

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