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  5. "Het paard eet brood."

"Het paard eet brood."

Translation:The horse eats bread.

December 2, 2015



When do you use de and when do you use het. Is there a way to tell when on should be used or is it something that you just have to learn.


You just have to remember in most cases. There are a few tricks though.

Every word that is a person like sister, brother, uncle (zus, broer, oom) has a 'de': 'De zus', 'De broer', 'De oom'. Except for 'meisje' which uses 'het'.

Every word ending in 'je' in the form where it means small, little etc, 'het' should be used: 'Het varkentje' (The small pig), 'Het paardje' (The small horse), 'Het schildpadje' (The small turtle).

That also explains why 'meisje' is a 'het'-word.

There may be more rules, but in general you have to learn them for each word.


English version should be the horse is eating bread just like in previous questions? I thought eet is singular and in the present. . is it not?


What is the different beetween het and de?

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