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Russian, easy or hard?

Hello! I was wondering if Learning Russian for you was a big challenge. I mean, the vocabulary is pretty intense. I would love to have some tips. I just can't remember some words, just too complicated, sometimes. Thank you!

December 2, 2015



Have you learned another second language previously? The Slavic languages are harder for English speakers than, say, Spanish or German. They also have a fair amount of noun and verb endings compared to English, so if you have never learned a second language before, it is probably quite a challenging choice. That said, any language, no matter how challenging, can be mastered with enough time. Just be kind to yourself, don't expect it to be fast and keep working on it. Review, review, review!


all the conjugation charts of latin, but with longer words and a funkier looking alphabet.

but then you get the nice trade-off that accents are much more consistent between countries and regions. spanish between cuba, venezuela, argentina and spain are so different it's almost like learning different languages. russian's complexity keeps it pretty regular, which is a huge plus as far as i'm concerned that makes me forgive the brutality of its grammar. plus it sounds really friggin cool.


Languages are all different for everyone, so no one can give you a concrete answer. Just get stuck in - it's challenging, but it's worthwhile :) :D


Once you get the alphabet(and keyboard!!) down it's not hard at all.


i can type at a pretty good clip except when i hit з/х/ъ. i hate those three letters. in english we only use that corner of the keyboard for one letter. it's rare that i can hit one of those right on the first try.


I think remembering gets easier as you go along and get more familiarity with the language. When I first started trying to memorize anything in Russian, it was really slow going at first compared to memorizing, say, German, which I don't really speak at all. Russian is so much more different from what you're familiar with, and a different alphabet doesn't help either. If you keep studying, get better at reading Cyrillic, you'll eventually find that it gets easier to remember.


I actually find that the different alphabet helps now that I'm used to it. Maybe because my brain isn't trying to connect the Russian to English words in the same way.


Personally, I find it easier than Latin but harder than Italian -- and yet, my Russian is now better than my Italian and far better than my Latin.

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