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Will the Russian change to Cyrillic letters in time?

I am a native English speaker who had several years of Russian in high school 50 years ago. I remember the grammar and alphabet well enough, but have forgotten most of the vocabulary, so I didn't want to take the placement test but rather start from the beginning. I also just purchased a Cyrillic USB keyboard for my Mac and installed the Russian PC template which seems to be working well. Anyway, I started at the beginning, but I find the left translation exercises of Russian in Roman letters counterproductive and annoying. Is there anyway I can have the Russian on the left side or in the pictures in proper Cyrillic? Or will it just change over eventually? Thanks.

December 2, 2015



When doing a lesson and the first question is presented, on the upper left a little button will appear that says "Aa." Click on it, it will turn to "Яя" and the Russian in the lessons will be in Cyrillic characters. If Duo changes the characters back to transliteration, as it sometimes will, just use the button again.

The course is great. Hope you enjoy it.


Thanks Slogger. That's a big help. I was worried.

[deactivated user]

    Yes, thank you so much! I was having the same problem!


    You're both welcome. The course is so much better in Cyrillic!


    Another question. I am using a Mac laptop running el Capitan and just got a USB Roman/Cyrillic keyboard, Acer brand. I switch the flags in the top menu with the mouse to go from Roman to Cyrillic and back, which I find OK. But is there a keyboard shortcut for Macs? Also, I have been over the keyboard for 5 minutes and the only “?” I can find is in the Roman part of the keys, just to the right of the “>” I cannot find one in the Cyrillic part. It would be a real PITA to have to switch the flags from Russian to USA just to type a “?” I must be missing something? Thanks in advance.


    Macs I know nothing about, I'm afraid. Sorry. There is surely a shortcut key combination, however, to switch keyboards. And surely a "?" for the Cyrillic functioning of the keyboard. Try doing a search on the Duo forums (try, Mac AND Cyrillic AND key , or something similar); there's also a post that Shady_arc has put up w/ lots of keyboard info that may be of use. My time on the computer (a laptop) is limited until I can fetch my adapter/charger tomorrow, which I accidentally left somewhere else. (Tsk.) For language practice I'm reduced to reading Russian computer books! Edifying, but not exactly fast moving. :)


    Thanks Slogger,

    I did find the answers I need regarding this rather complex Acer Cyrillic keyboard interfacing with a Mac in Russian PC template. The shift/7 does a ?. Holding the Alt Gr and Ctrl keys down together (to the right of the space bar) appears to activate the bottom left icons on the keys, including the comma and the period. Pressing the Alt and flag keys together switched ?the keyboard format between USA and Russian PC last night but is not working this morning???? Maybe I’ll try to reboot the OS.

    Good luck on reclaiming your charger.



    I remembered wrong. The Mac keyboard shortcut it command (flag) with the space bar, Really convenient.

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