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  5. "We are making soup."

"We are making soup."

Translation:Мы готовим суп.

December 2, 2015



What about "мы приготовим суп"? Since the english sentences is using "making" and not "cooking".


Given that the verbs are conjugated with distinct endings for person/plurality, can you drop the pronoun мы (as is done in Italian) and just say, "готовим суп".

[deactivated user]

    Only in colloquial speech. In written text, we only drop it when it's following another sentence where «мы» was a subject («Мы на ку́хне. Гото́вим суп» 'We are in the kitchen. We are making soup').


    Where do you use приготовить rather than готовить?


    As I have just learned, приготовить is the perfective and готовить is the imperfective verb.


    Is it not 'супа' due to it being an inanimate noun?I'm not really sure of how to put that noun in the correct case.

    [deactivated user]

      Actually, it's vice versa. For inanimate nouns, accusative = nominative (суп). For animate nouns, accusative = genitive (супа).


      Thanks for the clarification on that!


      What's up with all the "almost correct" and "you have a typo" in engish-russian? When I type things correctly, I mean.


      what is the difference from мы гатовлим суп?

      [deactivated user]

        «Мы готовим суп» should be accepted too.

        In fact, «мы готовим суп» sounds somewhat better to my ear.


        I mean " гатовлим" is there such word used in russian?

        [deactivated user]

          There's no word «гатовлим». Most likely you've formed an incorrect form on the singular form «я гото́влю»; the plural is «мы гото́вим», without «л» (гото́вим is pronounced like гато́вим because the first О is not stressed).


          Is SOV unheard of in Russian? As in would it ever be possible to construct a sentence as "Мы суп готовим"?


          Pretty flexible sentence constructions but that would put unusual emphasis on the cooking as in "we are cooking soup, not eating


          could you say, Мы сварим суп?

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