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"Іудеї подорожують туди кожний рік."

Translation:Judaists travel there every year.

December 2, 2015



".... кожний рік" - is unnatural in Ukrainian. It is like a literal translation of "every year". It should be translated as "щороку", since, it is the semantico-stylistic equivalent of this phrase.


In English it should be Jews.


Judaist isn't a commonly used word, unless you are talking about scholars of Judaism. Is that what this means?


Shouldn't "the jews" also be an acceptable translation for іудеї?


in ukrainian it is not the same. Jews - євреї. It is a nationality, not a belief. Іудеї - judaists - religious group. Ізраїльтяни - citizens of Israel, not necessary jews or judaists. In ukrainian you should not mix these sings.


The distinction actually doesn't exist in any language I know (including Hebrew), except Slavic languages. We ourselves don't make it—Jew (יהודי) is a nationality, ethnicity and religion all in one. Same with the Druze and other ethnoreligious groups.


Shouldn't "The Jewish" also be accepted?


Since we are translating to English here, the description should be written as it is used in English. In other words “Jews travel there every year”.

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