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"our guest"

Translation:наш гость

December 2, 2015



okay, I know not every word that ends with "ь" is to be feminine....we also have to take care of the gender of the person....but if my guest is a woman, can't I say "наша гость" ?? if you say "no, it is always male" then I promise I will not argue back :) if you say "yes, it can be both" , then my answer needs to be accepted also as correct..

[deactivated user]

    The feminine form is го́стья, so you should use «на́ша го́стья».

    (But of course mightypotatoe's answer is also true, please don't downvote it. Of course you can use гость to refer to females too, and then it uses masculine adjectives.)


    The word is always masculine regardless of the guest's actual gender. See usage notes here.


    What's the difference between наш and наше? Or did I just make up a word?


    It is the same difference as мой vs. моё, твой vs. твоё. The ending depends on the gender of the noun it modifies. 1st and 2nd person pronouns (and also the reflexive свой) have a pattern similar to the one adjectives use. Ваш and наш have the same endings, also мой/твой/свой have the same endings.



    This is one the few words which anyone can recognize as a cognate to the English one.


    Unfortunately, the Tips and Notes for this section led me astray when it said "-ость/-есть, -знь → feminine"


    It does not actually say that. The word гость clearly cannot have ость as a suffix, so you cannot predict its gender if you do not know it already.

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