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English classroom, Spanish default!

Hello fellow Duolingo members and colleagues by extension!

It was with great enthusiasm that I welcomed the website's new feature that allows us teachers to create an e-class and engage our students further. However, there seems to be some sort of technical problem because everytime I create my class (English) Spanish is set as the default source language. I tried creating and deleting the classroom thrice, I checked the settings in case there was anything wrong, but have yet to figure this out.

Anyone else with the same problems? Any solutions?

Thank you very much,

Panos (Greece) Dedicated EFL teacher and Duolingo student

December 2, 2015



Thank you for the kind words and the question, Panos.

Can you try creating a new class, specifying the language you teach and then adding students to your class? Once students have accepted the invitation and the class is populated, the material should adjust to the right direction. The default is spanish but it should change once students join and progress in their course. Please let us know if this doesn't help - we are improving the way classrooms are created to make things even easier and more intuitive :)


Hello, Myra

Allow me to thank you for the immediate response and, at the same time, to apologize for my not-as-timely reply.

I will actually ask my students to register and see how it all pans out!

Will post any updates here to be used as points of reference should anyone else face the same problems or have the same question as I in the future.

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