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Transport Lesson 3

Hi All,

I just finished transport lesson 3. I was very surprised to see how the concept of "by" is expressed, e.g. "by train". At home, I've always heard by expressed via the instrumental case and never via the locative case. So, instead of "на поїзді", I've always heard "поїздом". For me, hearing the locative case sounds very unnatural. Is using the instrumental case here acceptable? Is either more commonly used?

Also, for expressing "to X", I'm used to using the genitive case like so, "до Києва". But it looks like we're supposed to use accusative like "у київ". Is genitive acceptable here?

So, in summary, I would write "I'm going to Kyiv by train" as "Я їду до Києва поїздом." But, here we're recommended to do "Я їду у Києв на поїзді." Is my way acceptable?

December 2, 2015



Depending in your level of Ukrainian you may look here: http://slovopedia.org.ua/34/53411/33342.html. Basically when you speak about direction (to the city, village) you use до: їхати до Києва. When you speak about location you use у(в): ярмарок у Києві. If speak about direction and some additional information you can use у(в) also: "Ми їздили на ярмарок у Косів".

According to my little Internet research on instrumental/accusative with transportation it seems that all three (поїздом, у поїзді, на поїзді) are possible


"На поїзді" , "Поїздом" - both are correct. However we say "У Київ" when we want get directly "into Kyev", "inside Kyev". The same exammple "I go to shop" -> "Я йду у магазин" If you do not want to get iniside then we say "I go to John". "Я йду до Джона"


Я б ще додав, що, окрім варіантів "На поїзді" та "Поїздом", ще є такі варіанти, як "На потязі" та "Потягом".


These are all very helpful. Thanks for your responses, everybody!


I totally agree with you. We ALWAYS use instrumental case in Czech when you go somewhere BY something (same endings by the way). I am having a big problem with this lesson since the case choices seem so random.

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