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  5. "Ничего хорошего."

"Ничего хорошего."

Translation:Nothing good.

December 2, 2015



'Nothing is good' was rejected, why?


Russians will say 'Всё плохо' for that


I agree. At first I thought "nothing good," but the fact that there was a period made me think it was a sentence, not just an isolated phrase.


I can't edit my comment on mobile, but I read the comment section and it says this phrase is a shortening of "нет ничего хорошего", and нет calls for the genitive case here. As for the English translation, "nothing good" seems best because it retains the colloquial speech, but I don't see why yours shouldn't be accepted.


I'm not a native, but i think in "A is B" sentences, both things are in nominative. But I don't know if the negation would call for genitive instead.


As important as the period is the capitalization of Ничево. In other exercises, people were marked wrong for capitalizing phrases, because the phrases were not sentences. The lesson: If the first word is capitalized - and it ends in a period - then the words form a sentence, which a verb (and in English a subject).

I reported it. 24 Dec 2018


Okay, I have a question, why is "good" in the genitive case here? This is really weird. There is also something I've heard somewhen that says "всего хорошего" and I have no, but not a single, not even the smallest bit of idea why are both words in the genitive case. Can someone please enlighten my understanding :P ?


This phrase is an abbreviation of "(Нет) ничего хорошего" (pay attention to the double negative)
"Нет" (There is no) takes the genitive.

"(Я желаю тебе/вам) всего хорошего" is another case. Желать, ждать, просить, требовать, хотеть, искать, etc all can be used either with the genitive or accusative, depending on level of object distinctness, abstractness and particularity:

  • ждать звонка́ (gen.) - to wait for a call
  • ждать звоно́к (acc.) - to wait for the (particular) call
  • искать сча́стья (gen.) - to seek (my) fortune
  • искать таре́лку (acc.) - to look for the plate


So if i wanted to say that everything is good i would say все хорошо


всё хорошо́, yes.


And nothing is good is ничто хорошо? Or нет ничто хорошо?


Is there any differences in meaning? I think, it's the same "(Нет) ничего хорошего" (Or "Всё пло́хо" (adverb)).


Because хорошего is in what's called the partitive case, represented by the genitive. The way to look at it is "nothing of good", i.e. no part of the good. It's used a number of languages, though by different means. An English usage could be: Three of the boys are tall. It essentially denotes a part, or some amount, of something.


Thanks. That was a cogent explanation.


Since this is apparently a sentence in Russian, and "Nothing good" is not a sentence in English, what would be an appropriate translation: "There is nothing good" (not accepted) or "Nothing is good" or "It is nothing good"?


"Nothing good" is actually a sentence commonly used in English. For example, "What's the word?" "Nothing good." Sentences in English do not always need a subject-verb structure, else "No" and "Yes" would not be complete sentences on their own (which they are). No further translation is needed.


"Nothing good" is NOT a sentence in English, because it lacks a verb. It's a phrase in English. And it seems like a phrase in Russian. Thus, Ничего should not be capitalized and it should not end in a period.

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i typed "nothing is good" but it's wrong

Nothing good just like that sounds a bit weird in English, doesn't it?


So when is this used or what is it supposed to mean? Would it be an answer to как дела?

  • Что сказал директор?
  • Ничего хорошего: заказов нет, денег нет, будут увольнения.


So, what is the difference between :

Ничего хорошего.

Ничего не хорошо.

Нет ничего хорошего.

And what is the correct way to say "Nothing is good" as that response is still not accepted.


"Ничего хорошего" is "nothing good".

"Нет ничего хорошего" is "there is nothing good".

"Ничего не хорошо" is grammatically incorrect.

"Nothing is good" is "ничто не хорошо".


I wrote 'nothing is good' too. Is this incorrect? thanks )


Can I say Ничто хорошо? Or ничто не хорошо?


Why nothing is good bad ?


Why is anything not accepted here

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