"Tim always takes along a small and light kettle."

Translation:Тим всегда берёт с собой маленький и лёгкий чайник.

December 2, 2015

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Tim could be weirder. In one of the multi-choice answers, he always takes a small Canada...

(More like "Canada always takes along a small Timmy's" right?)


I've known people who did this... Well, maybe not всегда, like if they went out for lunch or something, but certainly whenever they went on a trip.


Does "тим всегда берёт маленький и лёгкий чайник" work?

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    could I say?.. : тим всегда носит маленький и ...


    That would mean that he always carries a kettle.

    [deactivated user]

      So I guess that брать с собой emphasizes the moment when taking sth. Thanks


      Actually I think it has more to do with your choice of verb. Носить means to carry, even if you add с собой, it will still be "he carries with him." The verb брать which means to take, is what gives it the meaning of taking along something.

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        So we can roughly say that Носить and брать с собой ( on foot ) mean the same, right?


        It's similar in English, you can take a gun or you can carry a gun. The former emphasises that there is a place where the gun is and you take it from that place, the latter is about just carrying. Although it's not that super big difference that you must imagine where the gun is actually kept.


        To make the hints at all useful for something like this, they need to be more phrase-oriented instead of individual words.


        What is the literal translation of this?


        Tim always takes with oneself [himself] a small and light kettle.

        С = preposition meaning "with" (and the word following it takes the instrumental case)

        Собой = is the instrumental case of себя which is a pronoun that refers back to the subject of the sentence. You wouldn't say "with him" using the pronoun for "him" in this type of sentence, you'd use себя.

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