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  5. "Der Junge lernt Noten."

"Der Junge lernt Noten."

Translation:The boy is studying notes.

December 2, 2013



It should be noted that "Noten" here probably refers to musical notes, i.e. sheet music. It can refer to "notes" in the sense of text you record for later reference (like a memo/memorandum), but that usage is rare; the typical word used for such notes is "Notizen".


Is this how one would usually refer to sheet music? Because, as a musician, I would usually say, I am studying the score, or I am studying my part.


Music theory instead of music composition. He's studying the notes themselves.


I thought the same thing as narion_k. I translated it as, "the boy is learning music."


Music is given as one of the hints, but it wasn't accepted.


In English, we might say a novice player, who is just beginning to learn his instrument, is still learning notes.


"notes" in a general educational sense" doesn't make sense in US English. I think you mean "grades." Is "grades" translated as "Notizen"?


Thanks for letting me know my explanation above was unclear; I've reformulated it as a result.

To answer your question, "grades" (in the sense of quality assessments) cannot be translated as "Notizen", but it can be translated as "Noten".


No problem. Thank you for your update, I had totally missed the possibility of written material taken down for later study. Even more so, in English, then the use of "notes" only would seem to be insufficient, and would seem best to be written as "musical notes.."


In Spanish it's "notas".


I keep getting this wrong because the English translation really seems to make no sense.


I know it's "Noten" not "die Noten", but saying "the boy is studying the notes" sounds much more natural in English than "the boy is studying notes".


I said the same thing, and for the same reason. As a former musician my first thought was that this must be musical notes, but decided to use "the notes" because I thought that would be Duolingo`s style.


It could mean that the boy is learning how to read notes.


Hi could a native German speaker explain what the most obvious meaning of this sentence is? Could it be "he is studying from his notes", as in he is going over notes he made during his lectures Thanks


This should probably be deleted because it gives the learner the impression Noten means notes taken during instruction.


"The boy is learning music" is wrong, and thinking about it, in English, we study music as a subject, and learn specific things, like "the music", if it's the "notes", maybe the hint is off.


"Die Junge liest die Noten von/aus (??)der Partitur" can a german speaker correct my sentence, please? (Just curious)


So once again we have a "no way to be sure" sentence with multiple (or zero) correct interpretations. Splendid. As a student, I personally would never "study" my (class) notes, though I might "review" them. As a oboe player, on the other hand, I indeed have to "learn" my (musical) notes, but I wouldn't "study" them.


Yep, another one of those waste of time sentences that just needs deleting. There might be some gem of wisdom the author is trying to convey, but nobody has a clue what it might be.


I guess that is something we are missing in Duolingo (But, I say this with the necessary caveat that "one gets what one pays for."), which is context. That is why I think Duolingo's Stories are soo very wonderful! I'm hoping to use them together with "mind mapping" techniques to retain the new words and colloquial expressions they give me. Just need to find the time to find a good mind mapping software . . . to make myself study materials similar to this: https://youtu.be/G2N7zXLpxno


This sounds like "Loden." Not even sure if that's a word. Just sayin'.


die Not, die Nöten, die Noten (the need, the needs, the notes)


I thought Notizen means notes (what a student writes in class to study later), and Noten means grades (the A+ you get for your brilliant essay)???


Did the standard speed not play for anyone else?


too much confuse, for me , want i can do , is to pass


If I take notes in a class, then I might say: I am studying my notes. What I am learning is not the notes but what the notes are about.


Remember that "lernen" can mean "to study" as well as "to learn".

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