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"Ellos pueden ganar las elecciones."

Translation:They can win the elections.

December 2, 2013



What do you think? I tried --They can win elections-- without the definite article, in the sense of an abstract idea that requires a definite article in Spanish. Okay translation or no?


I don't think that works with "elecciones" beign the object of the sentence.

They can win elections = Ellos pueden ganar elecciones.


Oh, gracias. I hadn´t thought about how the article for abstracts is used differently for subjects and objects. So, for example, one could translate "Elections have consequences" as "Las elecciones tienen consecuencias" but NOT as "Elecciones tienen consecuencias" because the subject always needs an article?


Would "may" or "might" fit here, or would that be a different verb/tense?


Could instead of can is also correct answer. Duo is wrong again .


Pueden = They can. Podrían = They could.

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