"I need beer."

Translation:Мне нужно пиво.

December 2, 2015



Why надо isn't good?

February 12, 2016


The difference is (in most of the cases):

Мне нужно + noun - i need something (i'm lacking something) - Мне нужно пиво (молоко, хлеб)

Мне надо + verb - I need to do something - Мне надо сходить (принести, выпить)

"Нужно" can substitute "надо" but usually not vice versa.

February 16, 2016


логично как-то, thank you Anna!

February 16, 2016


Does this sound strange in Russian as well? or would it be normal to walk into a store and say "Мне мне нужно пиво."? In English, if I said this in a store people would think I'm an alcoholic.

December 2, 2015


I think is sentence sounds fine, especially if you think of it as something to say to a friend. Certainly, as a college student, I've heard it often enough.

December 2, 2015


In English, if I said this in a store people would think I'm an alcoholic.

Same in Russian. It may be a normal phrase in the context though:

  • "I need beer for the upcoming party"
  • "Мне нужно пиво для предстоящей вечеринки"
March 13, 2016


In Russian there is no difference either you want a bottle or you have a permanent need for such a sentence. But maybe the creators meant an alcoholic? Who knows.

December 2, 2015


this unit is titled, "shopping." So I think it's somebody saying that beer is on the list, just like milk or eggs or whatever.

August 7, 2018


Why is putting я instead of мне incorrect?

November 18, 2018


Exactly my question

December 20, 2018


Because нужен gets used with dative case.

January 11, 2019
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