"Мы говорили о фильме."

Translation:We were talking about the movie.

December 2, 2015



This is an imperfect verb, so, it seems like the most correct English translation would be "were talking," to suggest that there might be more talking at some point. But DL accepts "talked" which seems more ambiguous and too "finished," as though the talking is over. So, "talked" probably should be reserved for "поговорил," the perfective version. Am I wrong?

December 2, 2015


I would consider that correct.

August 2, 2018


Hi! Look at my another answer here

July 21, 2019


Im having some real difficulty understanding aspect for some verbs. My verb book and dictionary list говорить/сказать as an imperfective/perfective verb pair. 'We were talking about...' sounds like the best translation for 'мы говорили о...' if my understanding is correct. 'Мы сказали...' would surely mean more like 'We said...'? So how do you express 'We talked (about)...' in Russian? Also, where then does поговорить fit in? Both of my dictionaries disagree on the aspect of this verb. What aspect is it? Is it an entirely different verb? I know there isnt always a one-to-one correspondence between English and Russian tenses but do these verbs always come in discrete pairs or is there some overlap? Any help much appreciated as really tying myself in knots with this one.

May 15, 2018


Hi from Siberia! I'll try to make it clear for you) " Мы говорили (о чём-л.)" means "We talked..." or "We were talking..." depending on the context. "Мы поговорили" means that we had a conversation about something specific and we finished it and can be also translated as "We talked". (I'd rather use "We discussed..." maybe.) I didn't get about discrete pairs and overlap, sorry

July 21, 2019


Why not 'a movie' instead of 'the'?

December 23, 2015


I'd think both should be accepted. Flag it

August 27, 2018


Why can’t “We spoke of the movie” be used as an answer?

September 12, 2018


preposition 'о' = about 'of' would mean the next word is genitive (the film) so "мы говорили фильма". Plus it's completely unnatural even in English to say that "We spoke of the movie". Sounds rather archaic

April 19, 2019
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