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Bonjour, Tout le monde!

I have seen a lot of posts lately about whether Duolingo will make you fluent. I used to wonder the same thing... This article helped me a lot!

When thinking about your own skills in a language, think about how many times you make mistakes in your native tongue... A lot. Fluency does not by any means equal perfection, so give yourself a break! I read another article recently that talked about one mark of fluency being the ability to obtain unknown information in your target language without reverting to your native one... For instance. "crap, I forgot how to say washing machine..." "You know, the thing you put clothes in to make them clean?" If you can explain an unknown word in a way to get the correct word from a native speaker without reverting to your native language, then you are on the right track!

Hope this helps some folks.

Bonne Chance!

12/2/2015, 5:16:10 PM

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Excellent article, thanks. Once my tree is finally complete, I'm going to keep it golden, continue on the memrise vocab courses and surround myself with as many movies and songs in my target tongue as possible, and taking every opportunity to converse with native speakers.

12/3/2015, 11:15:57 PM
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