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  5. "Она мало говорила."

"Она мало говорила."

Translation:She talked little.

December 2, 2015



"She talked little." This feels extremely clunky and unnatural to me, but maybe I'm just in a foul mood. What do you think, other English speakers?

(I chose "She said little.")


I agree with you, and I like your response. I reversed it and said "She did not talk much", which sounds more natural to me than the proposed suggestion, but I can see why that wouldn't be accepted.

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Why is "She didn't talk much" not acceptable?


I also put that in, but it's almost the opposite of the literal translation, so it makes sense that it's not accepted

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Valid point. I think the struggle for many of us is understanding when and why the more literal translation is enforced. Looks like it varies according who's doing and/or approving the translation. Can be frustrating at times, but often triggers useful debate in discussion forum, so not all bad.


OK, I get your "duolingo" point but she talked little sounds totally weird.


"she said little" works. So does "she spoke little". "She talked A little" would work, too.


I agree. It's grammatical, but not natural. I can't think of any context in which a native speaker would prefer "she talked little."


I also agree, I would say "she spoke less" or as you said "she said little" Who made this app?


"Said" or "spoke" feel more natural.


Perhaps this unnatural sounding phrase needs to be revised by the system. Its not the first example of this phenomenon


The accent on "она" is wrong and makes it sound like "Анна" in both the slow and fast audio. I reported it a week or more ago, but since we are supposed to translate from the spoken audio only, no text, this is guaranteed to confuse people and ought to get fixed soon. I know you're overloaded, and probably unpaid. I'm sorry for pestering you. Did I mention that I hate TTS?


It is right, she accent should be on 2 syllable


Yes, it SHOULD be on the second syllable, but in this audio it is not. It still sounds ambiguous and confusing. I wish a native speaker would tell us whether this sounds normal and typical or not.


Still sounds like Анна - July 2021.


Would "She didn't say a lot" also be accurate?


I wrote "She didn't say much" and got it wrong. I think this is a reasonable alternative translation, no?


"She didn't say much" = "Она не много говорила" (it is beter to say "сказала" in this case, because it looks more native). You got the meaning right, but you wrote this with other words. "Ма́ло" translates as "little", "much" = "мно́го", "not much" = "не мно́го".


Why "She talked little." and not "She talked a little?"


Because мало means little in the sense that it is not enough. Немнога means a little.

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and yes, you are right, about little / a little difference, I can add also few examples:

Мы поговорили немного о спорте и погоде, и начали есть - We had talked a little about sport and weather, and then begin eat. Meaning: we just talked before e.g. dinner

Она мало говорила о своем прошлом - She talked little about her past. Meaning: maybe you wanted to know more about her, her past, but she talked not enough about it


"she said little" is okay?


Maybe your choice was rejected because of the word "said" that means "сказала", instead of "talked" = "говорила".


Happy to say this in Russian, but for any here who speaks English as a second language, please note that this English translation is poor. The comments below are the right way forward.


'she talked little' is not good English - spoke or said are better


Strange...The word "said" was not among the choices available for this exercise. But I agree that it sounds more natural as an native English speaker to say that "she said little" instead of "she talked little."


What is wrong with "she hardly spoke"?


She has not talked much?


The translation does not read well in English. What is wrong with " She didn't talk much"?


This is English quibbles at best; and a nuisance for Russian learners..


Why doesn't "She talked a little" work?


I'm no authority in Russian, but I believe the reason it doesn't work is the same reason that in English "She talked a little" is quite different from "She talked little". In the first sentence the emphasis is on the fact that she said something, that she wasn't silent. In the second sentence the emphasis is on the fact that she didn't say much, she wasn't talkative.

My recollection from college is that "мало" places the emphasis on little or few, and "немного" places the emphasis on "some". So I think "She talked a little" would more likely be rendered as "Она немного говорила".

(My background is that I had five semesters of Russian in college many years ago, and have half-heartedly studied here and there since then.)


She talked little is poor English. She talked a little is better, but still not the best, but should be accepted.

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