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A ? about ? marks

I am using a Mac laptop running el Capitan and just got a USB Roman/Cyrillic keyboard, Acer brand. I switch the flags in the top menu with the mouse to go from Roman to Cyrillic and back, which I find OK. But is there a keyboard shortcut for Macs? Also, I have been over the keyboard for 5 minutes and the only “?” I can find is in the Roman part of the keys, just to the right of the “>” I cannot find one in the Cyrillic part. It would be a real PITA to have to switch the flags from Russian to USA just to type a “?” I must be missing something? Thanks in advance.

December 2, 2015



The '?' should be above the 7, or on the 7 key. That seems to be the standard position for the Russian keyboard.

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me:)


Thanks Alec, you are right. The 7 key functions in neutral with either flag as a 7. In the USA flag, it shifts to an & which is standard, and in the Russian flag, it does ❤❤❤❤ to a ? :-) There are four different symbols on the key, but none of them is a "?" :-( The other two are a period (bottom right) and a full colon (top right). I think Acer screwed up with marking this key.


This is how the Russian PC keyboard looks like:


That’s a lot “cleaner” than mine. But I live in southern Mexico which is not the Cyrillic capital of the Universe, so I guess I was lucky to get it, and new and very inexpensively at that. I would paste a jpg of it, but the message box here won't seem to accept it. How did you do it?


I think they did!

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