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  5. "a book about Moscow"

"a book about Moscow"

Translation:книга о Москве

December 2, 2015



Hi Guys,

I have a question about the cases. As far as I have understood is that there are six cases in Russian:

  1. Nominative
  2. Genitive
  3. Accusative
  4. Dative
  5. Instrumental
  6. Prepositional

Do you mean that there is 7th case; Locative? I have heard this term before but I thought it was a synonym for the Prepositional case. Can you please clarify? Is the Locative case going to be covered on Duolingo?

Thanks in advance!


7th case is basically a part of prepositional case, it doesn't have different ways of forming the main difference is in meaning, so you don't need to worry about it. Even in Russia we study only 6th cases accepting the Locative as a part of Prepositional and many russians don't know about the 7th case at all.

Here is a quote from Wikipedia:

"In the Russian language, the locative case has largely lost its use as an independent case and became the prepositional case, which is used only after a preposition. The latter is not always used to indicate location, while other cases may also be used to specify location (e.g. the genitive case, as in у окна́ ("by the window")). Statements such as "в библиотеке" v biblioteke ("in the library") or "на Аляске", na Alyaske ("in Alaska"), demonstrate the use of the prepositional case to indicate location. However, this case is also used after the preposition "о" ("about") as in "о студенте", o studente ("about the student")."


Except when it surprises you in cases like aeroport :p


Why is Москве at the locative form ? Is it because of the use of "o" ?


It's in the prepositional case which is used with prepositions like "о".


Yes, it is because of the "О", although it's usually called the prepositional case, because it's also used for prepositions that don't describe location.

There is a locative case, but it's only used in a few words.


Thanks both of you !


why not "kniga ob etom moskva"


why is this not книгу because of the genitive case? Or do I have these mixed u?


"книгу" is the accusative form, genitive is "книги". This is nominative though, there's nothing here to require genitive.


Wouldn't you typically say "книга по Москве" with the dative case to describe a book about something?


Exactly what I was thinking as well...hmm.

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