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"De fleste nordmenn er protestantiske."

Translation:Most Norwegians are Protestant.

December 2, 2015

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Not that it changes the utility of the sentence as an exercise in language... This is insane misinformation. Most Norwegians are atheists, with only around one in five claiming any kind of belief in a god or gods.

Of course, if we go by the Church's stated numbers rather than by... well, pretty much any other source that's not the Church, then the statement would be true, as they claim almost everyone to be Protestant.

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76,1 percent of Norwegians are members of the Church of Norway, an evangelical Lutheran church. Not all of those believe in God, some are atheist, but even among them there are many that feel a cultural affinity to the church and use its rites for some or all of the big life events of being born, coming of age, getting married and dying. I am not sure what your definition of atheist is, but almost two thirds of Norwegians believe in the supernatural, even if less than a quarter believe in gods.


and in 2014 60% of new-born children were baptized in the Church of Norway.


Your numbers are wrong, and they don't support your claim. The estimated "atheism rates in Norway as ranging from 31 to 72%", and it's hard to reach a conclusion from these numbers.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_atheism

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