Someone help me translating this into Dutch?

"Adding" "Removing" "Spelling error" "Fix" "Change" "Please review if wrong, thanks!"

3 years ago

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  • Adding: toevoegen. 'Toe' needs to be separated from the verb, and put it at the end of a sentence: 'Ik voeg suiker toe' (I add sugar)
  • Removing: weghalen or verwijderen. Again, 'weg' needs to be separated and put it at the end of the sentence.
  • Spelling error: [de] spelfout
  • Fix: depends on the context, and has a lot of different meanings. The verb could be something like maken or repareren
  • Change: veranderen, wijzigen or aanpassen. ('Aanpassen' is also a separable verb)
  • Please review if wrong, thanks!: (you mean like "correct me if it is wrong", right?) Alsjeblieft, verbeter me als het fout is. [Alvast] Bedankt!. 'To review' means 'herzien' (to see again; re-view); which is not quite correct in this context, at least in Dutch it isn't.
3 years ago
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