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  5. "Мама и папа говорили о нас."

"Мама и папа говорили о нас."

Translation:Mom and dad were talking about us.

December 2, 2015



English has several variations of this and DL accepts some of them. But I am wondering if Russian has its own variations like English does: Mom and Dad were talking about us. Mom and Dad talked about us Mom and Dad have talked about us. Mom and Dad have been talking about us. Mom and Dad have spoken about us. etc., etc.


Мама и папа разговаривали о нас, мама и папа говорили о нас, мама и папа поговорили о нас, мама и папа уже разговаривали о нас .


what is the difference between "о" and "обо" ?


As servolock says there is no difference in meaning. But I think he has mixed up обо with об. Об is generally used before a vowel or a vowel-sound. (For example: Он говопил об отпуске)

Обо is used less often. I can only recall some few situations: обо мне, обо всех (about everyone) and обо всем (about everything)


Thanks! I had forgotten about "об." You completed the answer.


In meaning, there is no difference. I think "обо" is used before words that start with a vowel. "обо" adds a consonant which makes the words easier to pronounce. I don't know all the rules. I know it is also used with "мне". So the phrase would be "... обо мне." Easier to pronounce than "о мне" would be.


I put 'Mum and Dad spoke of us'. This was not accepted by DL.. Does that translate differently in Russian?


Could this be understood also as "Mom and Dad were talking against us." since нас is also the accusative form of мы.


As in they were leaning against us and talking?


I only here the voice saying Ilena for some reason instead of о нас


Why does it mark "Mum and Dad were speaking about us" as incorrect


I must be that DL does not recognize "Mum." DL is weak in covering dialects adequately. English has many dialects, which make a massive problem, and DL is mostly run by volunteers, and not enough of them.


British English can hardly be described as a dialect, any more than American English


Every DL course usually has a default language, in this case AE. Every accepted possibility (for the whole translation) has to be added manually, so if you want a BE version like mum accepted, you need to report it. It's just a lot of work to add them everywhere.


Mom and dad were speaking for us?


Nope. "For" is not a good translation.


why not "...told about us"?


If you use "tell" you have to also include the person you told.


❤❤❤❤ off, it's obviously a typo


"dad" should be capitalized here as "Dad", as it is a proper noun.

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