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"Здравствуйте, меня зовут Вера Ивановна."

Translation:Hello, my name is Vera Ivanovna.

December 3, 2015



DL accepts "Hello, I am Vera Ivanovna" and "Hello, I am called Vera Ivanovna" in addition to the preferred translation above. But not "They call me Vera Ivanovna", which is said in some places as well as being the literal translation. Perhaps this oversight could be corrected? Thanks for your work on this class!


I reported it. It sounds a little weird to my ears for giving my actual name rather than a title or perhaps a name that has been imposed on me, but it's not that odd. I think it's still cromulent if not the most common.


Her name Is really hard to spell. Anyone else agree?


All are different and difficult... But I have dyslexia and find my native Canadian English troublesome.


Another acceptable answr is: hello im called vera ivanovna


What is the difference between "здравствуй" and "здравствуя"? Do you use the former when addressing a male and the latter when addressing a female (both are informal)?


The difference is that "здравствуя" for a greeting is incorrect.


I think when you say здравствуя you mean здравствуйте. That is the polite way or when you're addressing multiple people (think when you use вы). Здравствуй is more informal - for friends and younger people (think ты).


what's the difference between меня and мой, моя ??


Take this with a grain of salt because I'm still a learner but I think моя is feminine as in "это моя сестра - this is my sister" and мой is masculine as in "это мой брат - this is my brother. As for меня I am not sure about it but I think that it is used like this "у меня есть сестра - I have a sister"


But in this context i think меня is used as 'my'


When I imagined that Vera Ivanovna was saying this in the voice of a maniac I almost fell off my chair. The male accent in this course is far from real, don't repeat it.


Why Hi is not accepted... Hi means hello. Correct ?


Здравствуйте is a very formal greeting. Hi is a very informal greeting in English so it'd be better to use Hello, which is more formal.


Thanks for your comment Whitney... For me Hi or Hello was the same... Good morning for instance is very formal to me, not Hello.. But why not... So привет is Hi and здравствуйте Hello... The concern is that Duolingo seems also to accept Hello for привет... To tell you the trusth, I am a bit confused...


It's true. Duolingo does make things confusing sometimes. :/ But you are correct about Привет being hi and Здравствуйте being hello - at least for Duolingo. I'm not sure why Duolingo is so insistent about Здравствуйте being only hello, but it's more flexible about Привет


So do you also agree with me by daying that доброе утро or доброе день for instance are very much formal ... Здравствуйте is not vey much formal because Hello is not in English. . So we must stop thinking English or French or Spanish (Salut or Ola are not formal at all) but only think Russian and consider that for them здравствуйте is quite same level of formality as доброе утро ?


For the sake of Duolingo - yes. But if you were to actually talk with a Russian speaker, I imagine they'd be more flexible on which greeting you were using.


The greeting is very formal and "greetings" should be an acceptable alternative to hello.


When does one use меня as opposed to Мои ?


Мои is a possessive pronoun. What noun would it be related to? Literal translation of меня зовут is "(they) call me". You could say Моё имя Вера, but it's awkward.


The male voice seems to pronounce в as more of a w in many positions. Is this a common pronunciation in Russian?


Can't we use hi in place of hello???!!!

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