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  5. "У меня нет фильмов."

"У меня нет фильмов."

Translation:I do not have movies.

December 3, 2015



Is there anything wrong with "I do not have the movies" ?


That would be «Фи́льмы не у меня́.».


I agree. Why is "the movies" marked wrong here?


I think it's an issue of word order logic. Emphasis on the end of the sentence means that previously known bits of information find their way closer to the beginning of the sentence. Here, the definite article "the" means everyone taking part in the conversation would know which movies are being discussed.

My hunch is that "I do not have the movies" would be translated as «Фильмов у меня нет.»


Yeah, how would you say "i don't have the films"? if not like this?


Heh heh heh...just got done binge watching The Man in the High Castle, Season 1. I'll say no more...


Why филмов and not фильм?


Is there a way to know where is the stress in the word? For example: Столов - stress on -ов Фильмов - stress on фильм-

Is there a way to know? Спасибо


I believe that one-syllable words like "стол" tend to have the grammatical suffix stressed...what confuses me is that the "о" in "фильмов" is pronounced like a proper "o" sound in this case even though it is not stressed, any explanations for this ? Or maybe the audio is just off here, since it is supposed to be pronounced like an "a" sound like it is in "студентов" for example...


The unstressed о sound isn't actually an /a/, it's an /ə/, also known as a schwa. Loosely, it's the sound halfway between o and a. Depending on a bunch of factors like the preceding consonant, the following consonant, even the speaker, it may sound closer to an o or closer to an a. Very hard consonants like мъ / въ / бъ tend to bring the lips outwards in an effort to separate the palate and the tongue, shifting the vowels surrounding them towards an /o/ sound.

Look for words that are heavy on those and pay attention to how different speakers pronounce them, I'm sure you'll notice it for yourself. A very clear example is пробовал: as you can see, it's much closer to "probovol" than it is to "probaval." :-)


I think if words such as "фильм", "торт", "шарф", "порт", "бант" etc have a foreign origin, the stress doesn't changed


"I do not have movies" sounds odd. "I do not have any movies" would be a far better translation of this particular sentence. Often, even usually, it doesn't matter if "any" is there or not, but in this context, it does.

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