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"Whose children are these, yours?"

Translation:Чьи это дети, ваши?

December 3, 2015



i don't understand why we say это rather than эти. doesnt the article have to agree with the plural дети?


We say "это" if we want to know whose are some children. WHOSE is stressed. Like in general questions: что это? кто это? чьи это?

We say "эти" if we want to stress THESE: Those are mine and whose are these? Те - мои, а чьи эти?

So, both pronouns can be used, depending on what do you really want to know.


Thanks a lot Kosmo!


At least the sentence isn't "Чьи это дети, наши?" Hahaha


чьи is for plural objects, right?


Can you say, чьи дети это, ваши?


I've had this question about word order too. From everything I understand, it's acceptable. Every time I check the comments, the reasons people post for it being wrong make no sense. The only one that makes sense to me, which no one has said, is that it's one of those weird things about Russian that just doesn't make sense and has to be this particular way (english has a bunch of those, so I could understand that).

So, until someone can give me a valid reason for it being wrong or I stumble across the rule myself, I'm reporting it and telling duo my answer should have been accepted.


Shouldn't "Чьи эти дети, твои" be accepted, as yours may be ваши or твои ?


I have the same feeling... However, reading above tends to suggest that the issue is not in ваши vs твои, but rather in это vs эти. It seems that the latter does not emphasise whose.


Яьи эти дети? would be translated as 'Whose these children?'. Чьи это дети? means 'Whose children are these?'.


Does it matter if you say Чьи это дети или Это чьи дети?


Твоя? Why should it be ваши?

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Твои. Твоя is singular fem.


It would be nice to have a complete chart to refer back to for the possessive adjectives, so I could remember that твои is masculine plural, not singular. This is why I didn't select Чьи это дети, твои? as a correct option.


I'm guessing that you have progressed to a point where you won't need this, but it's here just in case you took a break from study or for others to access ))) Have a wonderful day http://www.russianlessons.net/grammar/pronouns.php


Can someone explain to me why I'm hearing a sound, like an extra vowel, between "Чьи" and "это"? It sounds like "Чьи, а это..." to me.

Is this a glitch of the computer voice, or is this the way it would actually be pronounced by native speakers? And if so, why?

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The first is true. There is an excess sound here.


Why is the question this way. Maybe Who's are there children; yours? Would make it easier to place the words in the right order


Though it is all the same to Duo, in english, two sentences work better: Whose children are these? Yours?


"Чьи это дети, у тебя?" isn't accepted and I'm not sure why


It sounds incorrect to me. You use у тебя to say I have (у меня есть машина), or do you have (у тебя есть машина?), but it is not possessive pronoun on its own (whereas yours is).


I was correct but was marked wrong!


Why was "тебя" wrong? Some people can have more than one child and not always are both parents supervising them.

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