"Моя чашка на столі."

Translation:My cup is on the table.

December 3, 2015

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Дайте мені деякі квас, будь ласка.


You don't have to use "some" with uncountables, it's just genitive: Дайте мені хліба, води, апельсинів, квасу


But notice that you're using the noun in the genitive to imply that you want some of it. You could also say Дайте мені квас, but that wouldn't carry the same nuance of "a little."


Деякий means "a few" or "some" when the it precedes count nouns: деякі люди (some people), деякі пива (some kinds of beer). Трохи means "a little bit" or "some" when it precedes non-count nouns: трохи пива (some beer), трохи квасу (a little bit of kvas), трохи часу (a little time).


Where can I see a table (digital) of the declension of 'table,' and other words?


Wow! This is great. "No good deed goes unpunished" In this case, I must ask another question. Can I find such a site for Russian? Thanks. Have a lingot.

Oh, and BTW, what is a lingot anyway? (I know in the sense of DL, but where did they come up with such a curious word?


I think ru.wiktionary.org is a decent site. It's not complete, however.

I think "lingot" is a portmanteau of "language/lingo" and "ingot."

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