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"Dedemin iki torunu var; ben ve abim."

Translation:My grandfather has two grandchildren; me and my brother.

December 3, 2015



Could it be: "my grandfather has two grandchildren; myself and my older brother". I.e. myself instead of me? Not so much now, but I was taught by school teachers "me and so and so" was bad English.


Yes, but instead of "me" or "myself", it is more grammatically correct to use, "I". "My older brother and I" would be used if the siblings were the subject of this sentence. Eg. "My brother and I are going to the park".

In this case, however, because "grandfather" is the subject and "me and my brother" are the object, it is perfectly accurate to say, "me and my (older) brother".


I have slightly adjusted my initial comments regarding the correct usage of Me and I to better clarify.

What gets confusing for many people is which form to use when there are two subjects or objects linked with 'and' as in the following examples:

a. My brother and "I" joined the soccer team.

b. My grandfather took my brother and "me" to the park.

If you’re having trouble deciding which one to use in a particular sentence, here's a hint: Take out the other person, and it should be clearer. You are not likely to be tempted to say, “Me joined the soccer team,” or “My grandfather took I to the park.”

I hope this is of some help.


Very well put my friend. A ^ & a lingot from me.


You're right, it should be " my brother and I "


btw - I realise "ben" does not directly translate to "myself".


why is "me and my older brother" marked incorrect for the second part of the sentence? Is not that the word for older brother, as taught in the program?


"Dedemin iki torunu var; ben ve abim." Translation: My grandfather has two grandchildren; me and my brother.

"My grandfather has two grandchildren; me & my elder brother."

Abi is strictly your older brother. This has been clearly stated by a (Mod) & therefore must be included in the English translation for accuracy of translation.


why grandsons is incorrect?


grandson would be erkek torun. but i think it could be added as a correct solution since the phrase 'erkek torun' is not as frequent as the word 'grandson'


Because toru is not for only son i think.


The word grandson is "erkek torun" as said by orde90. "Torun" however, means grandchild (without any implication of gender). You'll see a lot of Turkish words having this nature.


Why did the program gone crazy


How "has" is determined here ..


From the use of var :)


abim yerine "my old brother" neden olmuyor?


Çünki "old" dersen çeviri olarak "benim yaşlı kardeşim" yada "benim yaşlı abim" demiş olursun. "Abi" demek istediğin zaman önüne "old & big" gibi sıfat eklemene gerek yoktur. "brother" hem küçük kardeş hemde abi anlamında kullanılabilir. Konunun gidişatına göre karşı taraf anlar zaten. Altarnatif olarak "my older brother" kullanabilirsin "diğer kardeşim" şeklinde olur. Kal sağlıcakla.


Is this a question ???


Re: the correctness of "me" in English: yes, it is considered more polite to say "my brother and me" putting oneself last; but in this case the Turkish puts me first, so to preserve the accuracy of translation, one has to leave the order unchanged, no?


Is there a difference between dede and büyükbaba?


They have the same meaning


What's the differences between Abim and Ağabeyim? Are they the same? If so, do they have special time of use?


"Ağabey" and "abi" are same but ağabey was used in the old days :-)


"Dedemin iki torunu var; ben ve abim." Translation: My grandfather has two grandchildren; me and my brother.


"My grandfather has two grandchildren; me & my elder brother."

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


Well, contrary to my first thought - that is should be 'my brother and I' and now think it should be 'my brother and me' (instead of 'me and my brother') as it is polite you but oneself last as you would do if the two of us were the subject of the sentence: 'my brother and I' not 'I and my brother'...


..it is polite to put oneself last.... I ought to check before posting.


I am curious to know why "grandad" isn't accepted.


acniracnir PLUS

Good morning Jack.

"Dedemin iki torunu var; ben ve abim." Translation: My grandfather has two grandchildren; me and my brother.

I am curious to know why "grandad" isn't accepted.

I suppose a formal structure of word definitions is required. I would be happy to say "grandad" or "nanny" which is informal & endearing.

Nanny can also mean - "child minder."

Thank you.


The first two words of this sentence were already filled out.


Duo marked me wrong. "My grandfather" was already on the top line, i tried to remove it but it would not move, so i finished the sentence off. But was marked wrong.


"My grandfather has two grandsons; my elder brother and I" was marked wrong although it should be valid in English, shouldn't it?


Many native English speakers do use this formulation; but it is a grammatical error. "My grandfather has....me (not I)", and therefore it is correctly "My grandfather has two grandsons: my elder brother and ME." Evidently Duo goes by the book....




"Dedemin iki torunu var; ben ve abim." Translation: My grandfather has two grandchildren; me and my brother.

Dedemin iki torunu var; my grandfather has two grandchildren.

Remember that you do not know until the second clause of the Turkish question the gender of the grandchildren.

And Eva has fully explained the second clause of the sentence.

Eva ^

Thank you.


The English learning app corrected grandad to "granddad" great stuff


You pronounce iki correctly but it says you didn't? It is a bug, you are probably fine


The answer is allready there...as always when the sentence is too long :(


The correct english should be like this my father have to children me and my brother not my grandfather

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