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Drømmen min har blitt virkelighet, jeg skal til Oslo!

My dream came true and yesterday I booked a trip to Norway (Oslo) for the end of December. I have never been to Norway before and I am very excited!

Especially because of the weather, I hope there will be a lot of snow :) Today I started the Norwegian course here on Duolingo. I once tried to learn Norwegian, but I had no motivation to continue it, so I stopped. I know some simple words but unfortunately that is all for now. And now I have a motivation :) Well, my goal is to learn all the basic phrases and words, and to understand the main rules of the grammar. I hope to talk there in Oslo at least a bit, at the restaurant or at the airport. I am absolutely happy and I'll do my best! :))

Jeg tror det kommer til å bli en fin tid. I think it is going to be a nice time!

December 3, 2015



Velkommen skal du være! :)


Good luck with your study of the beautiful Norwegian language - and have a great trip!


Thank you very much! :)


Practice hard! Don't worry though, if your English is OK you won't have any trouble, and you can throw in a few Norwegian words like "Hei!" (Hello), "bra" (good) and "Ha det bra!" (Good bye). You know "tusen takk" already. Enjoy Oslo! You may need to leave the town if you want to see snow because December can be very uncertain.


Tusen takk! Thanks a lot! :))


God tur/ have a nice trip.


Bare hyggelig!


Have a nice trip :) I am going to Norway (again!) in less than two weeks, but already excited ^^

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