Translation:You do not know me.

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Come on Morty, we need to get inside his dream !

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Why ' U kent me niet' is not accepted?

2 years ago


Je kent niet; je kent niet; je kent niet iets om ik. Wat ken ik? Ik kent jouw naam. Is this an accurate translation of that Milo song?

2 years ago

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This song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzBFidOU1MY

In this song to know has the definition of weten, to have knowledge

  • You don't know anything about me = Je weet niets over mij
  • What do I know? = Wat weet ik?

Then I know your name can be to be familiar with someone's name, or to have knowledge about someone's name, so here you can use either kennen or weten. Probably kennen would be used more often, though since the other lyrics refer to weten it probably fits better in the song.

  • I know your name = Ik ken/weet je naam.
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Thank you! I can sing in Dutch now!

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