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"Él es un hombre de nuestra época."

Translation:He is a man of our time.

January 9, 2013



Google translate gives "time" as the first translation for "época". Alternatives include era, epoch, period, age. I wouldn't have any complaints about a translation like "He is a man of our season" or "he is a man of our age." The latter, however, may lead to a little confusion. It could be understood as "he is a man the same age as us" which is definitely not the sense in the original Spanish. The translation offered by Duo is absolutely correct.


Why won't it accept epoch? Does duolingo have something against cognates?


I don't think Duolingo has anything against cognates (there are hundreds of them here), but I've never heard the expression "he's a man of our epoch." The common expression is English is "a man of our time" or "a man for all seasons. (there was a famous movie named 'A Man for all Seasons'." I'm not sure that expression is often used any more; maybe some of Duo's authors are from my age, era, epoch, time, period, season.


when i looked up epoca in the dictionary it says "period or season" not time. I thought time is tiempo


Here "time" is used as a "period of time". "Our time" = "The period of time we live in".


Would "He is a modern man" work as a translation as well? Would it take away from the meaning of the phrase?


I would say no, since the meaning is slightly different.

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