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"Я не умею писать левой рукой."

Translation:I cannot write with my left hand.

December 3, 2015



"I don't know how to write left handed" was not accepted, but probably should be. "Левой рукой" means, "with or by means of the left hand". Also, "left-handed" sounds a lot more natural in English.


As a native English speaker, I think the given translation sounds the most natural. Perhaps it is a regional difference, but I don't often hear left-handed used as an adverb.


It's kind of weird to say it about writing. But to say something like, I can't throw left handed, seems pretty normal to me. In Oregon, at least.


'Не умею' is most often translated as 'I don't know how', but in this case it would be wrong. You know perfectly well how to write with your left hand, you just are not able to do it.


I would report it. Though, depending on regional dialects, I'm not sure whether or not "left-handed" is more natural than saying "with the right hand". I'm familiar with both ("write left-handed" and "write with the left hand").







Why isn't "I can't write with the left hand" accepted? Does it sound strange to native speakers?


That sounds fine to me. It should be accepted along with "I cannot write with the left hand" (which I reported).


"...the left hand" sounds like you just killed someone and are trying to write using their hand. Same if you used "...a left hand". The only natural way is "I cannot write with MY left hand."


As a standalone sentence it is a little strange, makes it sound like it's some alien hand. If you're contrasting it's not so weird, like if you said, "I write with my right hand, but not the left."


I am a native speaker of American English, and I find it perfectly natural to say "with the left hand". I put that down, but was marked wrong. It is also perfectly natural to say "with my left hand", but "with the left hand" is good English and should have been accepted. Neither is more to be preferred than the other; it is the speaker's individual choice.


I disagree. It sounds perfectly natural to me, a native speaker of American English.


“my” ? This single word made my answer wrong, but I see no Russian signal that demands it.


Ah, now I can keep up my dry amputee humor in russian aswell


Is it the instrumental case?


Native English speakers would probably never say "with left hand". It sounds grammatically incorrect. Whereas " with the left hand" sounds like a contrast to the right hand. So "I can't X left-handed" or "with my left hand" sounds the most natural. I'm an American native speaker.


i cant write with left hand

any reason it doesnt work ?


Two: You are missing an apostrophe (can't) and and at a minimum an article (with THE left hand).


Why omio and not magu


There is no my in the russian sentence!!


how about "i am not good at writing with left hand" (marked wrong)

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It implies that you can do it, just not very well


why is it " with MY left hand " and not " with THE left hand " is it obligatory in english to say MY ? in french,spanish, german etc we say " avec LA main gauche ", " con LA mano izquierda " " mit DEM linden Hand" . DUO put me wrong ! why ?


I do not know french and spanish but in german your sentence is wrong: "mit der linken Hand" would be correct, "Hand" is feminin (die Hand) and the correct article in 3rd case is "der"


i cant write with left hand

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