"My little cat died."

Translation:Küçük kedim öldü.

December 3, 2015

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What a morbid sentence! Catstanbul yasa!


This sentence is too sad and in my heart the kitty is alive forever


My little cat died as well .


I am confused as to why it's not 'Küçük kedimi öldü' as the cat is a direct object and I though you had to use the accusative after possessive suffixes.


That cat is not the direct object here :) It is the subject of the sentence. (In fact, the verb "to die" can never take a direct object. "I am dying my friend" makes not sense....the form that takes a direct object would be the semantically similar verb "to kill.")

You only use the accusative when a direct object and when specific.


Küçük kedim öldü. = My cat died.

(O,) küçük kedimi öldürdü. = He killed my cat.

Küçük kedim onu öldürdü. = My cat killed him.

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