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Spanish concerns!

Does anyone can explain me the difference between lograr, conseguir and obtener! and Terminar and acabar!

December 3, 2015



"obtuve un 10 en ese examen" "i got a 10 in that test".

"lo he conseguido/logrado" "i made it" "i did it".

"conseguiste/lograste acabar a tiempo?" "did you make it on time?".

-lograr and conseguir are pretty much the same .you can use them in any context you finished a "hard" task or that you finished something on time,if i tell you the truth i cant think of any context in what using one or the other would be wrong.

-obtener,is just more "formal" or elegant ,you can always switch them "obtuve un 10" > "consegui un 10" both sound fine

"(yo) acabo de comer" "i just finished eating" (means that you finished eating just now).

"termine de comer a las 3" "i finished eating at 3 o clock.

-but the thing is you can use both in that very same sentences.it doesnt really matter,terminar and acabar are the same in any context i can think of.

if you know any context you arent sure which one to use please tell me,i cant really think of any for terminar and acabar

por ejemplo: "ya termine" "ya acabe" "i've just finished"

i just thought of this one "acabo de empezar (a hacer algo)" > "i've just started to....

i this case you wont start the sentence with "termino" ,"termino de empezar" is just wrong so if the sentence starts with "acabo de" the word "acabo" is always used.so if you are trying to translate a sentence like "ive just finished this task" it would be "acabo de terminar esta tarea" or "acabo de acabar esta tarea" the later i guess it sounds strange for you but its perfectly fine.

so: "acabo de acabar" > "acabo de terminar">"ive just finished" (but never "termino de acabar").



Thank you so much. You really brighten my mind. I think you can be a teacher heheeh:) Really nice of you. If I have some problems I will let you know for sure :)
Best regards


the thing is im "self smarted" (lol.look it up,its a rickyism") and its still really hard to me to try to explain stuff because we are here to learn a language in a proper way,you know and so i have to think about what you are saying, think about what lvl of spanish you have so i can explain it in a "easy to understand" way acording to your level but being precise at the same time....it is kinda hard ,lol.but its fine .it does actually help me too,engaging with people helps me a lot

and i have to "proofread" everything i typed too so theres no small mistakes that can create confusion,lol


by the way just in case you are wondering im "self smarted" (self taught) in english


That is ok. I appreciaate any help. I am a beginner in spanish :) I have started about 3 months ago, so a lot of things is a mystery for me:P My navite language is polish. I have been studing english more than 12 years but I am not yet a professional in it,unfortunately :( But I think I may undestand a lot reading something cuz this is a best idea to remember some rules and using some verbs. But first I woudl like to finish my tree and gain some basiscs.


"so a lot of things are a mistery" i made that mistake over and over too,lol.

"this is the best idea"....."some of the rules"

sorry for trying to correct you i cant help it.lol. even tho i shouldnt cause english isnt my mother tongue either.anyway,of course ,complete the tree and always ask if u have any trouble.and after all that just read....a lot....that improves your vocabulary as well as your understanding of the language you are trying to learn,at least thats what works for me


yeah you are totally right. That's ok. I dont have a problem with correcting me I usually dont read what I wrote:P Thanks for some more info Cheers


i just added some more info to this question,you might wanna check it out


Lograr means to achieve. "Un logro" is an achievement. You don't use this word for physical things. You say, for example, "logré terminarlo" but not "logré diez euros". Obtener is exactly the opposite. You say "obtuve diez euros" but not "obtuve terminarlo" Conseguir can have both meanings, and is the more usual in most cases.


Thank you so much :) Nice of you.




Like English, some words have some of the same meanings and uses. Some words are similar but used in different ways. You can consult dictionaries to find the most common uses, but for me, it's one of those things that just develop a sense for as you use them.


by the way,i dont know why people downvote legit questions.this is a perfectly valid concern.shake my head.i did my best to try to explain the differences (if theres any,lol)


One more if you dont mind. What about contestar and responder?


"contesta el telefono" "answer the phone".

"responde la pregunta" "answer the question".

--same as the other ones,they both are used in pretty much any context. the only one i can think of right now is "contestar el telefono" when you answer the phone you always say "contestar"

and for "responder" ... i cant think of any sentence "contestar" wouldnt fit. for example "no te olvides de responder a mi mensaje" " no te olvides de contestar a mi mensaje" "dont forget to reply to my message"

i can only say that responder sounds more "elegant" but it is pretty much the same


Thanks a lot :)

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