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"Eduki infanon estas malfacila laboro."

Translation:To educate a child is difficult work.

December 3, 2015



Why the english translation is not using "a" in this sentence. And, why esperanto does not use "edukadi"? It seems to me that -ad- signifying a process...


Water is not countable, we don't say «I drink the water» or «I drink a water.» The word "work" is used too with this uncountables meaning.

When an action is short or made once, then the action with -ad- is long or repeated. "Salti/kanti" is one jump/song, "saltadi/kantadi" are several jumps/songs. "Eduko" is already a more or less long action, e.g. for 1 child. Then what is longer? "Edukado" then is a constant work of eduaction, e.g. done by teachers


ĉu "eduki" pli ofte uzas signifi "educate" aŭ "raised"? Mi pensus ke oni uzus "kreskigi" pli ol "eduki" signifi "raised", ĉu ne?


Oni edukas fizikajn, moralajn kaj intelektajn kapablojn de infano aŭ junulo.
Oni kreskigas la alton kaj grandon de la homa korpo.

I think for humans we often use "eduki", for animals and plants "kreskigi".
I would use "kreskigi" only for Sumo fighters


Not when you pass the reigns to THE STATE to educate them

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