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  5. "Şekerli süt içiyorum."

"Şekerli süt içiyorum."

Translation:I am drinking milk with sugar.

December 3, 2015



why is it şekerli rather than şekerle?


In 4-way vowel harmony "e" is no suffix vowel.

vowel proceeding -> suffix vowel (example):

e or i -> i (şekerli)

ö or ü -> ü (sütlü)

a or ı -> ı (elmalı)

o or u -> u (tuzlu)


Does şekerli süt mean sweet milk, as opposed to sour milk, or milk with added sugar? If the first, is it usual to refer to it using the full phrase?


It's milk with sugar inside. Who knows what the context is. Maybe the speaker can't bear drinking regular milk, but when he adds sugar, it's more tolerable for him.


Ok, so it's just a weird sentence to illustrate the grammar then. I think I encountered that sentence at least 10 times before I suddenly started wondering if I was missing something. Thanks for your answer.


Another crazy question, maybe: since şeker can also translate "candy," might "şekerle" refer to milk flavored with that chocolate or strawberry powder from the Nestlé company that's used to get the çocuklar to drink it? Or is another, better term used?


I second that question now I've read it.


Do Turkish people regularly drink milk with sugar? If not, can we get rid of this example?


Ama burada sekerle olmalidir


This is wrong, I drink sugar with milk


The last word of the audio sounds like "içerum" (which doesn't exist, as far as I know). Is that a mistake or is that the way native speakers pronounce the word?


Reminds me of Michael Scott


Why is it not 'sugary milk', because şeker (sugar) is a noun and when we add -li with it became an adjective. So why is my translation "I am drinking the sugary milk" wrong? If I would want to say "I am drinking milk WITH sugar" I think the better translation is "ŞekerLE süt içiyorum." I know that li also mean WITH and le also means AND but I think that as an adjective it is better as SUGARY. Plz tell where am I wrong, and why is the translation provided by Duo correct.

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