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Fluency level hasn't changed in days!

I've been stuck at 53% fluency for several days, despite conscientious daily practice, progressing from level 10 to level 11, and adding multiple skills. Frustrating. Are others having the same experience?

2 years ago



The fluency percentage only goes up to around 60% or so total and it isn't very accurate at all. It's not that strong of a gauge of how fluent you actually are and the algorithm mostly calculates based on how consistently you practice and how often you get all of your questions right and how many words are strong / how many you've learned.

That being said, mine in French has been sitting at 54% for about a month and that included about 15 skills being completed to finish out my tree. It happens to sit sometimes.

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I find that the fluency level meter is really very inaccurate, at least for me. I wouldn't worry about what it says. ;) Impressive work, by the way!

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My fluency level is currently at 53% and has been there for at least 2 months. I completed my tree in July and am Level 22 and practice at least 3 skills a day (sometimes as many as 50!). I think I may have maxed out the Spanish fluency meter! :)

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My German fluency alternates between 47 and 48... for months now. Spanish at 56... also for several months :-) But I reached level 14 in both tongues and am slowly building vocab etc :-)

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