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  5. "Ты живёшь возле их мамы."

"Ты живёшь возле их мамы."

Translation:You live near their mom.

December 3, 2015



Why мамы can't be taken as plural form ?


возле is used with genitive case and мамы is the genitive of мама. If it was the plural then it would be возле их мам.


how did мама transformed into мам?


Мам is the genitive plural of мама. You can see the declension table here.


I think it got it wrong, i thought возле was pretty close, like "at". What'd be the difference between возле and рядом?


It's close, like, the next building down from their mom.


Could this be a question if there is a question mark at the end?


I've read on the Tips & Notes section that after prepositions, её, его and их would get an н. In this sentence, why нх and not них after возле?


It's a different их if that makes sense lol. The их used here is "their" (possessive pronoun) as opposed to "them" (direct pronoun in the genitive case) so it doesn't gain that н- prefix.


I think "you live nearby their mother" should be accepted. Should I report it next time?


I replied with "close to" their mother. same. I don't think they can catch all the possible translations with every question, which is annoying, but understandable. Whenever I think they are missing a valid/common translation I just report the question and mark "my answer should be valid." Maybe it will get a second look.


I got it right but again the sentence does not make sense. The chances you'd ever say this are zero.


Maybe another way to say this thing - "you live near the place where their mother lives" is more sensible?


You can also swap out mum for another word in the genitive. You live near their: cat, dog, garage, shop.


How is this different from рядом or from около? I thought those were the preferred usages for being near to something.


Why is мамы in the genitive case here? Surely in this context the mum is 'owned', and not the 'owner'?


The preposition VOZLE requires genitive case.


Hello! If anyone cares, I'd like to know how to "hear" Russian words correctly. I am having a really hard time hearing what the audio says. Is it this hard in the real world? If I go to Russia would I be able to clearly hear what they are saying?


I use forvo.com to hear the different word pronounced if I'm having trouble understanding them. I read a lot of other users use forvo too, hope this helps


Why isn't их in the genitive?


The 3-d person possesive pronouns - их (their), его (his), её (her) - have the same form for all cases.


You live near your mom why here there is "their"?


"near your mom" would be - возле твоей мамы, возле вашей мамы, or simply, возле мамы (depending on who's speaking).

Here, the word "their" (их) is clearly present so that's the only option.


thank you , I have understand your explanation

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