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Adverb phrases and long sentences

Hello there again! I was wondering if there is a more appropriate way to translate this original sentence than what I will have later: "One must register with the police within five days of one's arrival.".

Proposed sentence: "Man må registere med politiet innenfor fem dager av ankomsten seg.".

December 3, 2015



"Man må registrere seg hos politiet innen fem dager etter ankomst" would be a usual way to phrase this. I am not too sure why we would not say ankomsten, but in official writing it is not common. Anything dealing with law (jus) is often written in passive voice (even if change is happening, just like in England).


Is "En grunn hvorfor mennesker reisen er å handle." acceptable for "One reason why people travel is to shop."? Is 'hvofor' also used similarly to 'hva' in declarative sentences?


Grammar is not my strong point. In fact I had to look up the term "declarative sentence", and I still cannot figure out a good answer with examples! Your translated sentence has several mistakes, but I struggle to find a short and elegant Norwegian translation. The following would do: "En grunn til at folk reiser, er for å handle/å shoppe." I suggest you ask one of the persons on the Norwegian Team for help with this one!

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