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My Norwegian Update!

I have been working on Norwegian for 5 days and have recently finished the first section of the tree! It has been a lot of fun, and also challenging sometimes. I love the fun sentences and can't wait to see what's ahead! It is very enjoyable. One complaint is that some words aren't defined that well for me to write down such as: bare, or finnes. Also because of my past knowledge of Dutch, some words are similar like skilpadden. So that is cool, but plural in Dutch ends in -en, while in Norwegian that makes it Definite, so that is a struggle, but I'm getting better. It would mean a lot if you guys knew any good songs or anything so that way I could immerse myself in the language more that would be great! :D Have any Norwegian tips for me? It would be great if they leaves them for me! Now, here is a link to the three funny sentences I have encountered so far: http://imgur.com/TychQQy http://imgur.com/Rwo1Z0F http://imgur.com/Id3WbSB Thank you and Good luck in your studies!

December 3, 2015



Congrats on reaching your first checkpoint! :)

If you haven't already, you should check out this thread where eriicaaa has compiled a variety of Norwegian resources, including music recommendations and links to Norwegian radio channels.


Thanks for that! This course is a lot of fun, and I have never tried to learn a language as I have Norwegian. (Besides Spanish which I have to do for school, but that's besides the point) My goal is to teach English to children where English isn't their native language. (Don't know if I want to do Norway or not yet, but it's high up there!)


I always suggest searching YouTube for music, possibly with lyrics. It has helped me so much in Swedish, by listening to Disney songs.

Another immersion method is listening to podcasts and/or finding online news sites.

Having a dictionary or translator on hand or in a seperate browser will definitely come in handy. You will learn new words and phrases faster that way.

Also, Memrise has some great Norwegian courses. There is one with 13,000 words! No joke.


Here is a Norwegian situation comedy with Norwegian subtitles. It’s very well written. I pause it and look up the meaning of unfamiliar words. Takes forever, but for the more advanced students, it should be great: Https://tv.nrk.no/serie/side-om-side/sesong/1/episode/1/avspiller

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