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How many semesters?

How many semesters does the Russian course cover? Just one? Two? Three?

December 3, 2015



I think this is a question without a real answer. There are things which would, I hope, be covered in the first semester of any university course, but which you won't learn from duolingo. An obvious one would how to read and write. With pen and paper, I mean, not keyboard and screen. But there are other things in the course which wouldn't be covered until later semesters. So I don't think a numerical answer is really meaningful here.


Also, I'm sure that different courses teach at different speeds, so I'm not sure whether you can say "this is third-semester stuff" as some places might teach it in second or fourth semester... or not have any semesters at all.


Agreed. It also depends how well an individual learns and absorbs the information in the course.

One might as well ask how long is a piece of string!

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