"I see a bird on the roof."

Translation:Ben çatıda bir kuş görüyorum.

December 3, 2015

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Why is it only "çatıda" to say "on the roof" but "masanın üsterinde" to say "on the table", for example?


I don't know if 'masada' is rejected in order to say 'on the table' but it should be absolutely perfect.
For me 'Çatının üzerinde' was accepted.

As far as I know for both examples both possible answers should be fine.


Why is: "bir kuş çatıda görüyorum" not accepted?


Same question May 26, 2019. I reported it, but don't know whether or not it is right.


Just a guess: perhaps your different word order gives an incorrect emphasis or changes the meaning? Yours stresses roof. I am not a native Turkish speaker; perhaps one could comment?


A reasonable guess, thank you! Unfortunately, I did not receive any feedback upon reporting the translation. (When reporting to the Spanish team, I have repeatedly received feedback in the sense of, "Thank you for your proposal, we are now accepting this translation" – they seem to be a more active crew than the current Turkish team.)


i would also like to know why it was incorrect as i typed it exactly like you did. anyone care to answer?


Also guessing: I think that 'çatıda' acts like a pronoun here, to form the object 'bird on the roof' as a whole. In the Turkish SOV word order it would be like: I (S) a bird on the roof (O) see (V). I think your version means something like: I'm on the roof, looking at a bird.


Why is it kus and not kusu (only English characters available here)


If we were to say "kuşu" it would mean "the bird" instead of "a bird." There is no need to use both "bir" and the -I suffix


I am confused about when 'bir' is obligatory and when it can be omitted. Can anyone help?


I do not know the general rules in order to answer this question.
In the sentence above you should use 'bir' for clarifying you want to say
'a bird'. As 'kuş' is a direct object / accusative here it could also mean 'birds'.

(general direct objects do not take the plural form in Turkish)


is my version "bir kuş çatının üzerinde görüyorum" not acceptable?


Same question. I had "çatının üzerinde kuş görüyorum" and it was rejected


Can it also be 'Çatıda kuş görüyorum'?

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