"Здесь есть туалет?"

Translation:Is there a bathroom here?

December 3, 2015



I responded "Is the toilet here?" and was marked wrong. Don't they make the same sense?

November 18, 2016

[deactivated user]

    Yes, but for some reason Americans don't use the word toilet for toilet.

    September 17, 2017


    How would you say is there a bathroom here

    December 6, 2015


    That is the exact sentence translated above

    December 6, 2015


    You're right of course. I meant to ask_ is the bathroom here- in translation

    December 6, 2015


    Туалет здесь?

    December 6, 2015


    I said is the bathroom here but it says it's wrong and must be "is there". How do you get that with no это in the original sentence?

    November 4, 2017


    How does: "Is the bathroom here?" differ from "is there a bathroom here" in Russian?

    June 9, 2018


    As answered by mightypotatoe: Is the bathroom here? -> Туалет здесь?; as answered by duolingo itself: is there a bathroom here? -> Здесь есть туалет?

    July 19, 2018


    It's kind of odd but where I live people say half-bath or half bathroom for a bathroom with only a toilet and sink. We also refer to bathrooms as a bathroom, men's room, ladies' room, restroom, etc because toilet comes across as a little impolite or mildly crude. I really only hear children say toilet and that's still pretty rare.

    TLDR: Americans are weird and think the word toilet is gross. (At least where I live.)

    December 30, 2018


    The English translation feels odd.

    If I want to know if something or someplace is 'here', at the location I am - 'I ask : Is here a toilet' (more likely 'do you have a toilet here)

    If I want to know if something is at a certain location I am not at the moment, I ask 'Is there a toilet?' or 'Do they have a toilet there'

    I am not a native speaker - but the structure : Is there - here sounds pretty awkward. Am I right or do I miss something?

    January 25, 2019


    Wtf, is more like an english lesson or what does this app stands for?

    March 4, 2019
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