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Difference between "Ne" and "Net"?

What is the difference between "Ne" and "Net"? I know that they both mean "No", but when would you use each one in a sentence?

December 4, 2015



не (ne) is more like "not", Нет (Net) means "no."


Q: Он спит? (Is he sleeping?) A: Нет (No)

Q: Он спит? (Is he sleeping?) A: Он не спит. (He is not sleeping.)

Hope this helps.


Нет is also used to negate possessive sentences:

  • У меня есть кошка (I have a cat)
  • У меня нет кошки (I don't have a cat)

Notice that when using нет, the thing being possessed needs to be put in the genitive case.


ClarkStephen's reply sums it up correctly. Also some slang tips if anyone wants them. You can use them in speech (much less frequently in text):

"Неееее" in a sly voice, joking, like "nope =P"

and "Неееееет!" if it is a dramatic "Noooo!" cry.


You can use Нет like "no", when someone asks you, or when your request is solicited. For example: Ты хочешь шоколад без сахара? "Do you want chocolate without sugar?" Нет, я не хочу это без сахара "No, I do not want it without sugar" Or when you only want to say No!, just use Нет. It is more utilizated when you answer a question, even you need to use it in the genitive case. У моей коты нет еды (My cats does not have food) У мальчиков нет машины (The boys don´t have a car) Не is like "don´t", "doesn´t", "isn´t", "aren´t", "won´t" or "did,´t" according with the tense, and it is placed after the subject or topic of a sentence Вера Ивановна не читала книгу (Vera Ivanovna didn´t read a book) Паук не будет ест муху (The spider won´t eat the fly) Декабрь не тёплый месяц (December isn´t a warm month)


had this same doubt ... can you understand now?

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