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"How many goals did Duo score today?"

Translation:Duo bugün kaç gol attı?

December 4, 2015



Why not kaç tane gol?


Did you try this? It is accepted :) "tane" when used as a counted is optional but sometimes just makes the sentence have a nicer flow. It isn't needed here but you could use it.


That was what I wrote, but it did not accept it. Said "kaç gol."


You might have had a mistake somewhere else in the sentence. "kaç tane gol" has been being accepted for quite some time now.


"has been being accepted" - hoşuma gitti :)


I entered "Duo kaç gol bugün attı" and it is not accepted. Can someone explain the word order? I was trying to put the adverb (today) near the verb.


Why is "Bugün kaç tane gol Duo attı?" wrong as a translation? I want to stress that I ask about Duo (not anybody else), not the number of goals and I thought I therefore bring the subject (Duo) close to the verb... but it was not accepted. Or that would be "Bugün kaç tane golU Duo attı?"


Yes! You are right. You say "golü" because it's now sort of "how many of 'the' goals." Even better in this case would be: "Gollerin kaçını Duo attı?"


Another question introduced the expression "sayı yapmak", but here "Duo bugün kaç sayı yaptı?" is not accepted. Is it just an oversight or is there some other reason?

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why not (bugun kac gol duo atti)?


"How many goals did Duo score today?" Translation: Duo bugün kaç gol attı?


Bugün Duo kaç gol attı?

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.

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