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Perhaps the cases (Genitive mainly) need a more elaborate explanation in the tips/notes?

Hey, so I just came across this issue when I was trying to figure out the genitive case. I feel like the case isn't explained much in Genitive-1's Tips.

I understand tips can't explain everything but simply referring to it as "the of case" isn't really enough to understand the case itself or what it's usage is. I had to refer to other resources to figure the cases use out. Now that I understand it, the course has been made much easier for me.

In case anybody else is having the same issue understanding the genitive case that I was (Not realizing what it's actual usage was for), here's the resource I used that explained it very well.


December 4, 2015



Maybe. Which parts of the use of Genitive do you consider most important for you?


I think the most useful things that masterrussian provided me with was this explanation.

"The English equivalent of the genitive case is the preposition "of". The nouns in the genitive answer such questions as Кого? Чего? (Of whom? Of what?)."

And also this made it make much more sense too

"The main role of the genitive is to show where the person or thing belongs to or what it relates to. For example: крыша дома (the roof of the house), пачка чая (the pack of tea)."


It has a lot of uses. I suspect that if the course tried to list all of them it would scare off almost everyone.

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