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Pronunciation of letters and letter groupings

For about three weeks I have been using the Duolingo app on my iPad to learn German and I love it. Something I'd like to point out, though, is that I found myself searching the web for pronunciation guides. I also used a free trial of Rosetta Stone and really liked how it helped you practice pronunciation.

From what I have gathered, German pronunciation is rather consistent (unlike English) so knowing that the letter pair "eu" is pronounced "oy" (for example) really helped when learning new words. Just hearing the speech exercise doesn't really help me because I often find some sounds hard to distinguish from others. This was especially true for letters with umlauts - I had no idea how those letters were supposed to be pronounced and sometimes I thought I heard the same letter pronounced a different way when used in different words. Once I am aware of how it SHOULD sound it is easier to tell the difference when I hear it, which is why a basic lesson in how letters and letter groupings (especially vowels) are pronounced would be super helpful!

4 years ago