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"I am leading my daughter to the museum."

Translation:Я веду свою дочь в музей.

December 4, 2015



The English translation "I am leading" is nonsense. In normal life, I would "take" my daughter to the museum. At least it should be accepted. I understand that the point is to teach that in Russian the verb for this action means "lead." Fine, but we wouldn't say that in English.


As a native Russian speaker, I would say that the Russian sentence is a little awkward. I wouldn't say it this way. It is OK, but it is not "right" to my ear. First свою versus Mою. I would have used mine - Mою. When using "cBою" it sounds as if it was opposite to not mine - somebody else's daughter. Then the verb: веду. I would have said: Я поведу свою дочь в музей. However, in everyday life, we would have said: Today we are going to a museum or I take my daughter to a museum... However, the translation here is absolutely understandable to a Russian speaker. So while we can argue about grammar, I find it that we should try and speak so people understand us instead of being perfect right away. This is all OK as is. And even if you mess up with the endings of the nouns, people will understand you. And finally in Nominative, it is "дочь". Good luck with learning Russian!


I am leading her could be like if you are really emphasizing that she is going but you're only helping her with subtle hints or maybe it's a path she's never taken before and does not know how to get there and you're teaching her. It's much more focused on the journey than the fact that you're going to the museum.

"I'm lost. Can you lead me to the nearest payphone?"

(Compare with "to show one to")


I feel that мою дочь should be accepted also, no?


It's better not to, this phrasing would create unnecessary emphasis on the daughter being yours, not someone else's.


Я веду мою дочь в музей is absolutely normal sentence (not accepted here) or just Я веду дочь в музей. This variant is accepted.


This is an awkward English translation


"I am taking..." is correct To say "I am leading would imply something like we're playing a game and she is blindfolded or suchlike


The verb LEADING is absurd here unless the poor girl is blind! TAKING is the correct translation.


She might be 5 years old. But anyway, it suggests which Russian verb to use, which is the point of this course.


I disagree! When a Russian verb has several English meanings, the correct one should always be used. No point learning one language at the expense of misrepresenting another! The same happens with languages like Italian, where in this case the correct verb is portare, which could also be translated as to carry. Duolingo says TAKE, not CARRY, my daughter to the museum.


Absolutely. Good example.

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