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  5. "Casaim faoi dheis."

"Casaim faoi dheis."

Translation:I turn to the right.

December 4, 2015



Can you also say casaim ar dheis ?


No, but one could say Casaim ar deiseal with the same meaning.

[deactivated user]

    FGB says that one could also say "deiseal!" as an interrogative when someone sneezes or coughs, like "bless you!"


    What's the difference in English between turning on the right and turning to the right ?


    I don't think one would ever say "turn on the right". Something like tourner à droite or virar à direita is always turn right or turn to the right. Conceivably one could use "on" to point out a place - "there is a side street on the right, turn there".


    A small question... I remember from my youth... "casim (what sounded like "foh") dheis"... Was this just a pronunciation thing then?

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