"Танки использовались во второй мировой войне."

Translation:Tanks were used in World War II.

December 4, 2015

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правда но танки тоже использовались в первой мировой войне


You mean "also used"? Then it's eIther "танки также использовались в...", or "танки использовались и в...", or "танки использовались в ... войне тоже"! Many ways to say it right.


It's great when you can see many correct variants. Thank you


And the war of 1812 was also a Patriotic War?

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    In Russia, the war of 1812 can be called «Оте́чественная война́» (without «Вели́кая» 'Great').

    However, this name is not used in other Russian-speaking countries, at least not in Belarus. On the other hand, «Вели́кая Оте́чественная война́» is used in most post-Soviet countries.


    Yes, it's usually called "Отечественная война 1812-го года" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_invasion_of_Russia).


    We just call it "Первая Мировая" in Russia — probably because nobody really cares how patriotic something 2 centuries ago has been.

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      [рус] Первая мировая была в 1914—1918.

      В 1812 была война с Наполеоном. И её действительно называют «Отечественной», по крайней мере, в Википедии.

      Первую мировую называли «Отечественной» в начале. Но затем случилась революция, отчасти потому, что народ устал от войны. Советсткие власти подписали Брестский мир с Германией. Так что война не называлась отечественной потому, что Советская Россия не считала нужным в ней побеждать.

      [анг] The First World War was in 1914—1918.

      In 1812, there was a war with Napoleon. And it's really called "Patriotic", at least in Wikipedia.

      The WW1 was called "Patriotic" in the beginning. But then the revolution happened, partly because people were tired of the war. The Soviet leaders signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany. So, the war was not called Patriotic, because Soviet Russia didn't consider it neccessary to win it.


      Oops, misread the 8 for 9 for no real reason. Apologies.

      The war v. Napoleon is normally referred to as "the war v. Napoleon" as far as my circles go. Ready to accept somebody having called it differently a couple hundred years ago, of course.


      I knew it didn't make sense for them to be ice-skating... I thought I heard "коньки". If someone else hears it too I guess it's not just me and should be reported.


      Why is "secon world war" wrong translation of вторая мировая война?


      Could be because of "secon"?

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